Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Barbados Rum (40.5%)

Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Barbados Rum (40.5%)

Product: 10003082022
Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Barbados Rum (40.5%)

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Often claimed to be the birthplace of rum, Barbados has over 350 years' experience growing sugar cane. Our delicious Own Selection Rum is softly brooding on the nose, with sugared almond flavours that provide levity in a palate rich with dense wood and molasses notes. This is a delightfully old-fashioned rum from Barbados’ Foursquare distillery, that superbly balances gentle earthy notes with lingering papaya and melon on the finish.

Sam Phillips, Commerical Manager - Spirits, Berry Bros. & Rudd

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Own Range Rum

Own Range Rum

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Rums made in English-speaking regions, such as Barbados and Belize, tend to be heavier and richer in style. Those made in French-speaking areas, such as Haiti, are likely to be leafy and smoky; while Spanish-speaking countries, such as Nicaragua and Guatemala, are likely to produce a lighter, brighter style of rum. You’ll also find an ever-expanding collection of rums from other territories and continents, from Mauritius to England.

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