Pierre Ferrand, Sélection des Anges, Cognac (41.8%)

Pierre Ferrand, Sélection des Anges, Cognac (41.8%)

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Pierre Ferrand, Sélection des Anges, Cognac (41.8%)

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Maison Ferrand produce some seriously delicious bottlings, but perhaps the most quintessential is this, drawn from casks around 30 years of age. The voluminous texture on the palate is preceded by a nose of citrus and stone fruits with complex wood to provide intrigue. Ferrand love to explore old and young casks – sometimes even combining ancient and virgin staves to a make “zebra” cask that rather catch the eye as one explores their cellars. Supple to finish with perfect poise and weight, I’ll be enjoying this with good friends and spiced treats.

Robert Whitehead, Spirits Buyer, Berry Bros. & Rudd (February 2022)

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Maison Ferrand

Maison Ferrand

Maison Ferrand is one of the world’s premier boutique producers of fine spirits, and the architect of the an historical spirits movement. The company was founded by Alexandre Gabriel in 1989 with a mission to preserve age-old, craft production methods that capture the true expression of the spirit, and a commitment to revisit the classics while advancing innovation.

The adventure began with Ferrand Cognac, a 100% Grande Champagne Cognac with roots in the region stretching back over four centuries and ten generations. In 1996, Alexandre created Citadelle Gin, the Gin de France, spearheading the movement for French gins. Due to strict regulations imposed by Cognac’s appellation d’origine controlee (AOC), Alexandre Gabriel was obligated to stop using his cognac stills for seven months of the year. After five long years of negotiations, he obtained the AOC authorization to distill gin during the period that the stills were usually dormant, giving the traditional copper pot stills new life and purpose.

Since 1989, surrounded by an enthusiastic team, Alexandre has dedicated himself to the mission of creating superb spirits that express the marriage of passion, terroir and the passage of time.

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