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Goumenissa, in north-west Macedonia, has always been an important wine area, but until recently it has been living in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour Naoussa (some 40 km to the northeast). 

The vineyards cover about 150 hectares at an altitude of 250 metres, on the slope of Mt Paiko. The wines, based on Xynomavro are fruitier and less tannic than in Naousa thanks to the lower elevations of the vineyards which allow for a stronger influence from the warm Aegean climate. 

The Goumenissa appellation permits the blending of Xynómavro with at least 20% the ameliorateur indigenous grape Negoska. Negoska (or Negotska) a distant relative of Xynomavro is peculiar to Macedonia, and it derives its name from the Slavic word for Naousa, Negush. Its higher sugar content and riper, berry-like fruit help to balance the character of the more austere Xynomavro.

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