Domaine Courbis

Domaine Courbis

With a history spanning several generations, Domaine Courbis has earned a stellar reputation for producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Northern Rhône Valley of France.

The estate was founded in 1958 by Maurice Courbis and is now run by his two sons, Laurent and Dominique Courbis. The family's passion for winemaking and deep respect for tradition and innovation have contributed to their success and acclaim.

The vineyards are situated on steep slopes characteristic of the region. The estate primarily cultivates two renowned appellations: Saint Joseph and Cornas, which are known for producing some of the finest Syrah wines in the world.

The vineyards span approximately 35 hectares (86 acres) and are meticulously maintained. The emphasis on sustainable farming practices, such as organic and biodynamic viticulture, ensures the health of the vines and the preservation of the environment. The careful selection of vineyard sites and low-yielding vines produces grapes with intense flavours and optimal ripeness.

With a commitment to excellence, a focus on terroir-driven wines, and a family heritage rooted in winemaking tradition, Domaine Courbis continues to shine as a respected and esteemed producer in the Northern Rhône, offering a portfolio of wines that capture the essence of the region and delight wine lovers around the world.

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2020 Cornas, Les Eygats, Domaine Courbis, Rhône
Lay down
Full Bodied
14.0% Alcohol
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