Daniel Landi

Daniel Landi

Daniel Gómez Jiménez-Landi is a highly regarded Spanish winemaker known for producing exceptional wines in Spain’s Castilla y León region. Born in 1980, he is part of a new generation of winemakers who craft wines that express the region’s unique terroir while embracing sustainable and minimal intervention winemaking practices.

Daniel Landi has gained significant recognition for his commitment to working with old-vine vineyards, particularly with Grenache and other indigenous grape varieties. He strongly advocates biodynamic and organic viticulture, promoting the health of the vineyards and the environment.

One of his well-known wine projects is the “El Reventón” wine, which is highly sought after by wine enthusiasts and collectors. The wine typically showcases the depth and complexity of old-vine Garnacha and reflects the specific terroir of the Castilla y León region.

Daniel Landi’s winemaking philosophy revolves around allowing the grapes to express themselves fully with minimal interference during the winemaking process. His wines are often praised for their purity of fruit, elegance, and balance.

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2014 Cantos del Diablo, Daniel Gómez Jiménez-Landi, Méntrida, Spain
Drink, at peak
Medium Bodied
14.5% Alcohol
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