St-Aubin En Remilly

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En Remilly
29.72 hectares including 7.78ha Les Cortons
AOC : Saint Aubin Premier Cru
JTCM: Premier Cru

Arguably the finest of the Saint Aubin premier cru vineyards, situated on a steep south facing hillside, effectively the continuation of Le Montrachet as the contours swing round to the west to follow the valley which the old RN6 runs through, past the villages of Gamay and St Aubin. It is not one continuous vineyard but a series of plots and parcels as the contours allow.

The steep slope and paucity of top soil – in the upper part it is virtually just ground up rock - mean that En Remilly can suffer in a really hot or dry year. Part of the vineyard suffered a violent hail storm in April 2007.

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Domaine Hubert Lamy, Ready, but will improve,
New To BBX

Bottle 6 x 75cl 1cs

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