Biodynamic Wine Producers

Biodynamic wines are made using the principles of biodynamic viticulture. Biodynamics takes organic farming to a more spiritual level. The father of the movement is widely regarded as being Rudolf Steiner who gave a series of agricultural lectures in 1924 setting out the broad principles. His best known follower since then has been Maria Thun (1922-2012) who published an annual biodynamic gardening calendar. Nicolas Joly was one of the earliest French vigneron proponents of the biodynamic movement since when the idea has spread widely in Alsace, Burgundy and many other parts of the world.

Biodynamic accreditation is through DEMETER or BIODYVIN. Whereas we have only cited as Organic producers those who are certified or in conversion, for biodynamic farming we take a slightly different view because we regard biodynamism as a philosophy more than a regime. We therefore highlight both those who are certified biodynamic, and those who are comfortable in being described as ‘broadly biodynamic’.

Some of the producers below, like Domaine Zind Humbrecht hold both the organic, as well as the bio-dynamic certification.

Organic Wine Producers

Producers in conversion for organic certification


Certified Biodynamic Producers

Broadly Biodynamic Producers

Many producers who have espoused biodynamic farming methods are not seeking certification, because they see biodynamics as a philosophy rather than a strict set of rules. The list below contains those producers whose farming practices are broadly biodynamic, but omits those who have just expressed interest in one or two aspects of the movement.

Mas Conscience


New Zealand
Churton Wines